About Birds Fact

What is BirdSFact?

We’re a resource and a place for people to come and learn about birds and everything about birdwatching.

We have a growing list of over 500 species and identification guides that you can use to learn about birds from all over the world.

About Me

My name is Emily Mann. I’m a early-30s birder living in San Antonio, Texas. I go birding nearly every weekend and am always on a quest to see a new bird and learn something new!

I have a love for wildlife and in particular birds as they are so easy to get a close look at.  I love to talk about birds, research them, go birding, birdwatch in my backyard and keep a few as pets. I wanted to share this love of birds with everyone so you can also appreciate these fascinating creatures.

I attend bird walks and talks whenever I get the chance so that I can learn more from the experts. There is always something new to learn or see with birding.


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