Beetle Symbolism and Meaning – Totem, Spirit & Omens

Beetle Symbolism- Some animals and insects hold a special place in different cultures. One such insect is beetle that has a special place in the Egyptian culture. It holds a religious meaning to the Egyptians. It is considered to be the equivalent of the Sun God. So, are you ecstatic to learn more about these little creatures what they mean in different cultures? If yes, then this article is just for you.

Beetle Symbolism & Meaning

Beetles hold a special place in Egyptian cosmology. They are considered to represent the concept of existence arising from non-existence. This is based on the belief that the Egyptians used to hold on to the beetles. According to them, beetles were generated from dead and decaying matter. That’s why if people find a beetle in the house, they believe that it is an indication of death and spirits in their homes.

Another class of beetles, Scarab beetles, represents creation and rebirth. Scarab beetles are also linked to the human soul. The most interesting thing about their significance is that the earliest known insect scripture is of burying beetles.

Beetle Symbolism & Meaning

Beetle Native American Symbolism

In Native America, beetles hold multi-dimensional meanings. From ill omen to good luck, there are different meanings to them. To Native tribes, beetles were very sacred. As a result, they used to avoid killing or harming them deliberately. They considered killing beetles as bad luck. Ugs represented fertility, love, and protection.

However, some insects were also seen in a negative light. Hornets and wasps were considered to be evil. They also meant that someone was coming to the house who didn’t like the people living there. Cockroaches were considered to be unclean and were associated with sickness.

Beetle Eastern Symbolism

Easter culture is quite different than the West and is equally unique. The Japanese keep them as pets. Studies and discoveries have shown that prehistoric people used to wear beetle-shaped pendants. On the other hand, the Chinese have a contrasting relationship with these beetles. Some are considered as pests and food, while others hold significant cultural and religious meanings.

In China, the cicada is seen as a symbol of immortality. On top of that, it also represents resurrection. Talking about the Ancient Egyptian culture, the scarab beetle was used to be seen as the attractor of good fortune. It represented the solar element and thus was associated with the Egyptian Sun God.

According to the Egyptian culture, beetles represent life beyond the grave due to their interesting behavior of coming out of the dung ball where they lay eggs.

Beetle Eastern Symbolism

Beetle Christianity Symbolism

In Christianity, beetles are held in very high regard. So much so that they are considered to turn vulgar into purity. This belief made its way into medicine and soon enough medicines started using beetles as their ingredient. There used to be various recipes of medicine prepared using the beetles to be given to the sick.

In Christianity, they are not considered the same as other insects like grasshoppers and bald locusts. However, King James Bible had an erroneous translation where they were considered to be in the same class. However, the new edition overcame this error.

Beetle Celtic Symbolism

Once again Celtics also hold contrasting views on the beetles. Some view them as the ambassadors of holy benevolence and grace. For example, the European rove beetle is very beneficial since it helps farmers by eating crop harming wireworms. On the other hand, Irish legends believed this beetle to be the Devil incarnate. According to them, the only way to kill it is to burn it.

Even Ancient Greeks used to believe that the common beetles and dung beetles were the representatives of the Devil. However, in Celtic legends, the scarab beetle holds deep spiritual meaning because it is observed to create existence out of non-existence.

Beetle African Symbolism

There are multi-faceted meanings of the beetles that are believed upon in the African region. In West Africa, women raise beetles and mix their feces in the food to eliminate unfaithful spouses. In Egypt, the scarab beetle is worshipped. According to the Egyptians, the sun is the offspring of the scarab beetle.

Beetle African Symbolism

Beetles are the symbol of truth, regeneration, and light. In Ancient times, when corpses were mummified, the beetles were kept in the place of the heart while the heart was separately mummified. However, they also signify bad omens. One example is the Death Watch Beetle. It is said to warn about impending death.

Beetle In Dreams

Humans dream about many things. From everything that makes sense to things that make zero sense. However, if you dream about beetles, then the odds of it having some secret meaning are pretty decent. According to the Egyptians, if you come across a scarab beetle in your dream, it means truth, light, or birth.

Dreaming of a dung beetle is the sign that you need to trust your creativity and wisdom. Dreaming of a cockroach means you are drowning in filth and dirt (metaphorically). It might also tell you that you are a person obsessed with cleanliness.

Scarab beetles symbolize the human soul. So, dreaming about them may point towards communication with a passed loved one. Beetle’s dreams also point towards meticulous thinking and precision.

Beetle Encounters & Omens

Beetles also hold signs of ill omens and good omens alike. A beetle flying through the window is said to be a good sign. Maryland natives consider a flying beetle into your room to be a sign of impending sickness, or even worse, death. The English say that killing one brings ill luck. While the Egyptians are known to worship beetles, Christians believe them to be Christ owing to their ability to turn impure into pure.

Accidentally kill a beetle, and it is sure to rain. Trample one and it is sure to bring ill luck. Japanese see some species of beetles having a fantasy for gouging out human eyes. On the other hand, the Ireland natives believe them to be the symbol of graves and death. They believe all the beetles to be the incarnates of the Devil.

According to Germans, beetles are diabolic. The ticking of clock beetles is the omen of death. Earlier beetles were used to make medicines.

Beetle Encounters & Omens

Beetle Mythology And Folklore

Except for Antarctica, beetles are found everywhere. Hence, they are associated with many different myths and folklores. Cochiti tribes believe that the beetles were assigned the task to place stars in the sky. But they failed to do a good job. As a result, stars fall and make the Milky Way. Even more interesting is the fact that according to the Cochitis, the beetles were so ashamed that they hide their faces in the dirt out of shame.

In Egypt, the scarab symbolizes the sun. Egyptians also believe that the jewel beetle symbolizes another Egyptian God, Osiris. According to a legend, once a beetle asked a mosquito about its blood source out of jealousy. The mosquito told it about the bark of trees. Hence it is seen eating bark.

The Greeks believe that Cerambus was turned into the stag beetle after he angered the gods. Deathwatch beetle’s ticking sound is considered to be the symbol of impending death in many cultures.

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Beetle Spirit Animal

If you find a beetle as your spirit animal, then you have great amounts o creativity within yourself. Just as the beetle comes out of nothing and represents existence from non-existence, you are also capable of making the best from waste. You have high self-esteem and possess a loyal and calm persona.

You are also capable of acting fast and grabbing opportunities that come your way. Just like the beetles, you also seem to share a special bond with the sun. Not only that, you are a self-made individual who knows how to stay self-dependent.

Your spirit animal will show when you feel that something is holding you back. But the only is forward. So, it is a sign that you need to let go of it and rise above it. On the spiritual level, this spirit animal may mean that a soul is trying to communicate with you.

Beetle Spirit Animal

Beetle Totem Animal

The beetle totem animal represents resurrection, light, etc. In Arunta tribes, 6 groups of insects are highly revered and are the totem insects and never eaten because of the sacred beliefs associated with them. One of them is the beetles. Everyone knows that the beetle lays eggs in the dung during the rainy season. When it rains, it floods. However, when the floods settle, the newborn beetles come out of the dung. This represents the creation of a new life out of the seemingly impossible conditions.

It also reminds people to stick to natural laws. Egyptian cultures along with many others consider the beetle to be the symbol of the Sun God.

Beetle Power Animal

If the beetle is your power animal, then it means you wear your armor proudly. However, it also says to put off that armor and enjoy the sensitivity of life and face your fears. This power animal helps you become more aware and understanding. Having a beetle as your power animal means you are capable of embracing changes and never quitting no matter how hard it gets. The beetle’s hardworking personality and capability to accept changes as they come to tell you to stop worrying. Because according to these creatures all it will do is attract negativity.

Beetle Tattoo Meaning

Since beetles hold such a significant meaning in different cultures and religions, they are a popular thing to be tattooed as well. Scarab beetle tattoo is very popular in the East and Egypt since it symbolizes the Egyptian Sun God. In Russian jails, thieves have the tattoo of the scarab beetle.

Beetle Tattoo Meaning

Before getting a beetle tattoo, research properly about the meaning and significance it holds in the different cultures. While it means renewal, light, and resurrection in many cultures, the Irish see them as the Devil incarnates. Not only that, but Europeans also view them as the symbols of ill omen and death. However, devout Christians have tremendous respect for beetles. So, think beforehand, what is the aspect you need to represent by getting a beetle tattoo?

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