American Robin Nesting (All You Need To Know)

Popular backyard birds, American robins can be seen hopping around on lawns across the country in search of earthworms or freshly turned dirt. The coming of spring is heralded by the nesting of American robins, who produce the season’s first visible signs of life by depositing bright blue eggs. In this article, we investigate the … Read more

Cardinals in Hawaii

The most common of the three species that belong to the Cardinalis genus is the Northern Cardinal, also known as Cardinalis cardinalis. On the mainland of North America, where they may be found from the northeastern to the southwestern parts of the United States as well as south through Mexico and into Belize, these scarlet … Read more

What is a Group of Owls Called? (Complete Guide)

Group of Owls – Usually, you’ll only ever see owls by themselves or in pairs. But what do you call a group of owls? Those wacky and occasionally odd titles for groups of animals are called collective nouns or words of veneration. Many of these words were first used in the Late Middle Ages, when … Read more

Baby Peacocks: All You Need To Know (with Pictures)

Peacock babies are precious little fluffballs that swiftly mature into the majestic creatures that we all know and adore. Peacock babies are really gorgeous. Peachicks are the name given to young peafowl that is still in the process of learning how to spread their beautiful feathers. There are several different species of peafowl, including the … Read more

Where Do Steller’s Jays Live? (Habitat + Distribution)

As the official state bird of British Columbia, the Steller’s jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) is frequently spotted in the province’s forests, backyards, and urban parks. Where else, though, may one come across this species? Is the Steller’s jay a migratory bird, or does it spend time in every region of North America? Locations north of Alaska, … Read more

What is a Group of Flamingos Called?

Flamingos are striking birds that are pink in colour and have long necks and legs. In terms of avian species, they are the friendliest and most gregarious. There are six different kinds of flamingos, and they frequently flock together. A variety of flamingos, including Caribbean, Andean, James, Chilean, lesser, and greater flamingos, are common sights … Read more

How Big Are Frigatebirds? (Wingspan + Size)

Magnificent, Great, Ascension, Christmas, and Lesser frigatebirds are the five types found in the world. Due to their enormous wingspan, they can spend weeks soaring over the ocean searching for food. Two types of frigatebirds are found in the Americas’ tropical regions; the Magnificent and the Great. If you’ve ever seen one in the sky, … Read more

Are Emus Dangerous? (Reasons They Attack + How To Avoid)

Cassowaries and emus belong to the Casuariidae family of big, flightless birds. The emu is the third-tallest and fifth-heaviest bird in the world, behind only the ostrich and the cassowary. The beaks of emus, while broad and robust for grazing vegetation rather than shredding meat, are not exceptionally tough. In such a scenario, the question … Read more

Rufous Hummingbird Migration (All You Need To Know)

Rufous Hummingbird Migration (All You Need To Know)

The Rufous Hummingbird’s migration route is the longest migratory hummingbird species. Many individuals in the western United States have already seen these feisty tiny hummingbirds at their hummingbird feeders as they have begun their migration north. About Rufous birds  Despite their diminutive size, Hummingbirds have a reputation for being quite territorial, aggressively chasing away rivals … Read more

Frigatebirds in Florida (Everything You Need To Know)

Frigatebirds in Florida (Everything You Need To Know)

The frigatebird, a big tropical seabird with broad wings and forked tails, is also referred to as a “man of war bird.” The sight of soaring frigatebirds is a great reason to take a stroll along the beach in the southern United States, Mexico, or the Caribbean. They typically take off in the afternoon, when … Read more