Top 15 Cute Owls in the World

Owls, with their big round faces and fluffy-looking bodies, are just too cute to be true, and don’t even get me started on the tiny owls.

If you think owls are adorable, check out this comprehensive list of the world’s cutest owls.

Although there are approximately 250 species of owls on the planet, these 15 must win the competition for cutest owls.

(Did you catch what I did there?) They’re all owl cute.

You Must See These 15 Adorable Owls

  1. Elf Owl
  2. Boreal Owl
  3. Burrowing Owl
  4. Snowy Owl
  5. Southern white-faced owl
  6. Flammulated owl
  7. Spotted Owlet
  8. Crested Owl
  9. Western Barn Owl
  10. Jungle Owlet
  11. Pygmy Owl
  12. Spectacled Owl
  13. Ural Owl
  14. Eastern Screech Owl
  15. Little Owl

1. Elf Owl

Elf Owls are the tiniest owls on the planet, and who doesn’t think cute equals tiny? They live near the Mexican border and are the size of a sparrow.

Elf Owl

They weigh about 1.4 oz (50g), which is about the same as two slices of bread. They’re only 5 inches (14cm) long and fit in the palm of your hand comfortably.

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2. Boreal Owl

These adorable owls with delicate black and white coloring can be found in the forests of North America and Europe at night.

Boreal Owl

They glide silently through the forest, and the male will court the female for up to three months before nesting by feeding her. How adorable is that?

They are about the size of a robin, and males can grow to be half the size of females. Their large white facial discs, framed by a dark border at the top, resemble large bushy brows, adding to the cute factor.

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3. Burrowing Owl

What’s not to like about this small, cute, long-legged owl that hides underground and runs around?

Burrowing Owl

The long legs of these owls, combined with their flat heads, give them a comical appearance.

They live in the western United States, Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean and are smaller than crows.

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4. Snowy Owl

This white owl rose to the top of the list of cutest owls thanks to Harry Potter. The lovely colors and fluffy feet make this a cute toy.

Snowy Owl

Because of their thick feathers, which keep them warm, they appear cuddly, but keep in mind that these ferocious hunters can consume 1600 lemmings per year.

They live in Canada, Alaska, and the northern United States on occasion.

5. Southern white-faced owl

Southern white-faced owl

The owl’s cute appearance is enhanced by the mustached appearance created by the feathers hanging over the beak. Ear tufts and white face discs that frame the feathered beak area distinguish Southern white-faced owls.

They are about 10 inches long and are found in Africa (12cm).

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6. Flammulated owl

Flammulated Owls are small, cute owls with large black eyes set in their tiny round heads, about the size of a sparrow.

Flammulated owl

image credit: Wikipedia

They breed in western US states and spend the winter in Mexico and Central America, but because they are small and spend the majority of their time at the tops of trees, they are difficult to spot.

7. Spotted Owlet

Spotted Owlet

Such incredibly cute small owls, which are only about 8 inches long, are found in Asia (20 cm). They have an owl-like appearance due to their rounded fluffy appearance.

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8. Crested Owl

Take a glance at those amazing ear tufts that give this owl such a cute look. What a haughty braggart. Crested owls’ cute small heads are highlighted by their gentle buff color and striking white tufts.

Crested Owl

This adorable owl can be found in Central and South America and is one of the world’s cutest owls.

9. Barn Owl

With a white heart-shaped face disc and black penetrating eyes, Barn Owls have an elegant and loveable looks.

Barn Owl

These adorable owls can be found almost anywhere, with the exception of the polar and desert regions.

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10. Jungle Owlet

Jungle Owlets have small rounded heads and a cute rounded appearance. Their heads are small and cute because they lack ear tufts.

Jungle Owlet

Image credit: eBird

In India, they are about 8 inches (20 cm) long and eat insects.

11. Northern Pygmy Owl

The Pygmy Owl is the cutest of the tiny owls, and it may be the cutest of the tiny owls. They win the cute factor for me because they are tiny, round, and fluffy.

Northern Pygmy Owl

They’re only about 6.5 inches (17 cm) long and weigh about 2 oz (60 g), the same as a tennis ball.

The Northern Pygmy Owl is one of 29 Pygmy Owl species found around the world, with the Northern Pygmy Owl being the only one that lives in western North America.

12. Spectacled Owl

In appearance, the Spectacled Owl is unlike any other owl. The dark round heads of this owl, which are highlighted by white feathers, are very appealing to the eye. Against the dark heads, the white bellies stand out.

Spectacled Owl

They can grow up to 20 inches long and are found in Central and South America (50 cm).

13. Ural Owl

The Ural Owl’s cuteness is enhanced by its large pale face discs and black eyes. The owl’s cuteness is enhanced by its delicate mottled brown and white colouring, as well as its rounded head.

Ural Owl

Ural owls can be found in the forests of northern Europe and Asia.

14. Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl

The size of a stocky owl is comparable to that of a robin. The Eastern screech owl is a tree bark-colored owl that lives in the eastern United States.

15. Little Owl

For starters, Little Owl’s name is adorable, and its flat head completes the picture. They are not the tiniest owls, measuring 8 inches (20 cm), but they are still adorable.

Little Owl

Europe, Asia, and North Africa are all home to them.


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