What is a Group of Quail Called And Why? (Name List)

Many people have wondered what a group of quail is called and, more importantly, why it’s called that. It turns out there’s no real reason why it’s called that. It just is, and we’re stuck with it. Don’t be discouraged, though! There are many other birds names that you can use when you want to call out different birds in your flock as they fly overhead. One of the unique animals on earth is the quail because they have some very peculiar characteristics that make them animals that you won’t soon forget.

What Is A Group Of Quail Called?

A group of quails is called a covey, except for one kind, where they are called a flock. Each covey, or group of quail, will typically consist of five to ten birds. Quail are solitary during the day and will go to roost together at night. However, they are pretty friendly creatures who love spending time with one another! When they’re not hunting food in groups, you’ll often find them congregating on their favourite patches of grass where they can gossip and share stories about their days’ adventures.

What Is A Group Of Quail Called?

A group of California Quail in flight

A covey of quail is also called a dowitcher because it was traditionally believed that these migratory birds would travel with the dunes on windy days when the wind was coming from the southwest, known as the dowser’s breath. You may also see a flock of quail referred to as a drive. There are three types of quails – Japanese, California, and Gambel’s but all three types belong to the same genus – Callipepla (or Coturnix).

 Group of Quail Popular Name List

Queer of Quail
plump of quails
shake of quails
Drift of Quail
battery of quails
bunch of quails
drift of quail
flush of quails
knob of quails
little knob of quails
rout of quails
trip of quails
run of quails (flightless)
wagering of Gambel’s quails
revenge of Montezuma quails

What is a Group of Baby Quail Called?

The sight of little Bovey is really amazing and lovely. Their lyrical voice comes to our ears just like a sweet song. Whatever you call them doesn’t matter because there is no police of language that will arrest you to call them with funny names. Sounds ridiculous! Here are some names for little quails:


What is a Group of Baby Quail Called?Baby Californian Quail with mother

For poultry breeders, baby birds are like poults. They look very cute and very similar to chicks. Nobody will punish you at calling them with different names.

What Are They Known For?

The collective noun for quail is a colony, gaggle, or brood. Quails are also known for their high running speed. With no natural predators, they form large flocks in all areas with suitable habitats and feed on the ground or in trees.

Unlike domesticated poultry, they roost only during migration or in lousy weather. They are omnivores and opportunistic feeders. Quails eat worms, insects, mice, snakes, lizards, slugs, snails, frogs, plant seeds, flowers, and leaves. They have been observed eating small birds, alive or dead.

Although they can fly short distances, they prefer to run. A group of quail is called a colony, gaggle, or brood. Quails are also known for their high running speed. They typically form giant flocks in all areas with suitable habitats and feed on the ground or in trees. Unlike domesticated poultry, they roost only during migration or in lousy weather. Their diet contains plant materials, including seeds, fruit, flowers, and berries.

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Physical Traits of Quails

The physical traits of the quail, although not always apparent to us, give them some advantages in nature. For example, their rounded shape offers less surface area, making them more streamlined and challenging to see. As you might guess, this helps them escape predators easier. Their legs also allow them to move quickly over short distances and make quick turns. In addition, their flight feathers are short, allowing for agile movement in the air and protecting for when on the ground. Finally, their wings also have a unique feature that allows for slower flapping but creates more lift. These features help them evade predators from all angles, making it nearly impossible for an animal to capture one!

What Is A Group Of Quail Called?

California Quail

Where Do They Live?

Quail are initially from the United States but can now be found worldwide. In New Zealand, quails eat mainly seeds and plants; in the United States, they have evolved to prefer more human-made foods like cereal grains. There are many quails, but they’re typically grouped into two categories: Old World quails and New World quails. Old World quails inhabit Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. They usually forage on the ground for food and sleep in trees or bushes at night. They make their nests on the floor or up high near branches to protect themselves from predators. New World quails live only in North America (the Western Hemisphere). Their habitats include forests and plains with tall grasses.

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Facts About Quails

  • There are 18 species of quails around the world, and they’re not hard to find.
  • Quails are omnivores which means they eat plant matter and meat.
  • In the U.S., you can see them along roadsides, golf courses, sports fields, gardens and ploughed fields.
  • Quails are also considered agricultural pests because their foraging habits can cause problems for commercial agriculture in some regions.
  • One interesting fact about these birds is that they have long been kept as pets, prized for their song and docile nature. Many people still keep quails as backyard pets or pets in aviaries because of how easy it is to care for them, making this one animal that we know well.

Why Should We Protect Quails?

We should protect quails because they are highly vulnerable and limited. We should protect them by stopping the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest. We should also stop any oil drilling there. It will keep habitats safe for quails to live in and allow them to continue to be around for future generations.

What is a Group of Quail Called And Why

One might wonder why we want to conserve quails when it doesn’t seem like many are out there. There are so few left because when humans first came across North America, we hunted them for food, often killing off entire populations with just one hunt.

Another reason quails have been declining over time is because their natural habitat has been disappearing. It is due to the destruction of the rainforest. Oil drilling has also made their homes unsafe which causes more problems as they have less space to roam freely. We must find ways to ensure that these birds can still exist even if only a handful of them are left, or else they may disappear forever!

Additional Notes On Quails

The name for a group of quail varies depending on where they are found. For example, in Australia, it is called a congress. In Britain, it is called a covey. In the United States, Canada and Ireland, the word pod describes what you might call a group of quails. Other famous words for groups of quails include community, troop, and crèche.

One last note about how many birds make up a group of quails: it can vary from two to 100,000! One thing is for sure, though—whether you call them a covey or a pod, a collection of quail will always be full of life.


The quail, in this list and the world, are commonly referred to as being in a group. There are several names for these types of groups. For example, you could say the word party, covey, or peep when referring to the same thing. So don’t be confused if you hear them all. We hope this guide served some value to you.


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